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BridgeTab US

Note that you have to install a Test Licence ON YOUR SCORING PC before you can purchase anything. You find a detailed description on how to get both a test and a real licence in the inbuilt help. You are strongly advised to study the shopping tips before proceeding.

30 days $1
90 days $2
180 days $4
365 days $6
10 years $45

Extra for Bidding Module
30 days $0.35
90 days $0.70
180 days $1.35
365 days $2
10 years $15

Extra for TD module
30 days $0.35
90 days $0.70
180 days $1.35
365 days $2
10 years $15

See description on the Service Pack page
Basic free of charge (always included)
Standard $100
Valet quoted on request

You should connect to this form via BridgeTab Admin’s “Add & renew” licence THIS PC button on your scoring computer if it can be connected to the Internet. This is so because the ID will then be transferred automatically to this form.

The process becomes much more cumbersome if the scoring PC cannot be connected to the Internet (unless you use a dongle), please follow the instructions in the inbuilt help.

You need to have a BridgeTab dongle if you do not want to lock your licence to a particular PC. You can purchase a dongle from your local vendor or bridge-shop.com.

The easiest (i.e. best) way to associate a licence to a dongle (instead for a PC) is to have it inserted in the PC while you purchase the licence. That is to say:

  1. Insert the BridgeTab dongle in any PC
  2. Start BrdigeTab Admin and elect Buy & renew THIS PC
  3. Buy the licence for THIS PC.
  4. Move the dongle to the PC that you want to use for scoring.


User (club) name with the same restrictions as in web addresses.


User ID for THIS PC (or the dongle sitting in it)


Do NOT change the default ”User ID” unless the licence is for ANOTHER PC




Number of tables. Enter zero (0) if you only want a service pack.

Licence for



TD call



or enter any length in days

Start date








You will be transferred to Stripe when you sign this licence application. You will receive the activation code immediately when you have paid. (Nothing will happen until you have received a confirmation of your payment from Stripe.)

I hereby sign the agreement and confirm that I agree to the “Terms and conditions” and “Licence Agreement”.