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BridgeTab (by Jannersten Forlag) is a new approach to scoring bridge tournaments based on the latest technology. Intuitive interface makes it easy to use for players and TD alike.

NO special hardware is needed. You can convert inexpensive standard tablets to an easy to use BridgeTabs with unlimited possibilities within seconds...

BridgeTab comes with a wide range of bridge score programs and you can also use your current scoring program.

The players call the TD by pressing the TD button on any BridgeTab screen and the TD is notified on his phone (or tablet).


Download app (free)

You can download both the BridgeTab (scoring) app and the TD call app from Amazon or Google's Play Store anytime without  paying. Just search for "BridgeTab", or see the Demo page if you need more detailed instructions.

Software pack (free)

You will also need to download an all inclusive software pack to your PC to the BridgeTab server. See further the BOS and Versions pages respectively.

Server licence (free)

We strongly recommend that you apply for a complimentary BridgeTab server licence before you commit to anything. This licence makes it possible for you to run games with up to 15 BridgeTabs (= 15 tables).

Additional licences

You can extend your initial (test) BridgeTab server license as soon as you have got your intitial (test) licence.


Happy users at Links B.C. (RSA); formerly Bridgemate users.

We have now tested BridgeTabs for the first time. Everything went well; everybody were impressed. We are very content.

Billy Jacobsson Ättekulla BK (Swe)

I directed a a 9 table interwoven Howell last Saturday. The power went off (winds of about 80-100 km/hr outside) immediately after the players had completed logging in,

We had enough natural light to continue, and power came back about 1.5 hours later. All connected up and all results were received with no problem.

This was a fantastic result,

Martin Oyston, Wanganui (NZ)

We think that the sotware is excellent and the best available. (I personally have used both Bridgemates and Bridgepads at other clubs.)

Ray Stubbs Newcastle under Lyme B.C. (UK)

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