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Shopping tips

Each licence will be
locked to the User ID that is generated by your PC. That is to say, you MUST generate your User ID on the PC that you intend to use for your scoring.

We want you to verify that everything is as you expect it before you buy anything. We therefore require that you get a (free) test licence (that you should use) before we allow you to buy anything.

You can transfer your User ID on a memory stick if your scoring PC would not have any access to the Internet.

Several licences; one User ID
It is also important to bear in mind that you can have several licences associated with your User ID. This can happen when you realize that you need to increase the number of tables.

You can anytime augment the number of tables. You simply buy an additional licence for the number of tables that you want to add.

You can buy a temporary licence anytime, which is useful if you are to stage a congress. Just select a additional tables. The additional licence will be added to your existing licence(s) automatically as soon as activated.

The server licence(s) will be locked to one PC, unless you have a BridgeTab dongle. You should therefore put your licences on a dedicated BridgeTab dongle if you want to use your licences on more than one PC. This means that your licences will be associated with the dongle INSTEAD of a PC. You can purchase a BridgeTab dongle from your local BridgeTab vendor or www.bridge-shop.com.

Note that you can have maximum four licences on a BridgeTab dongle. You can use the licences on the dongle together with the licences that are locked to a scoring PC if you need a larger number of tables for e.g. a yearly congress.

You are advised to use a computer that is connected to Internet when you want to put your licence on a dongle. This is so because it is far easier to install the BOS pack on a PC that is on line than to transfer a licence to a dongle. Only make sure that the dongle is connected when you click on the Buy & Renew THIS PC button in BT Admin!

You can upgrade to a higher service level anytime. That is to say, you need not wait until your existing licence(s) expire.


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